Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers and interns to help Accessible Community build Socia11y, a crowdsourcing platform for recommending accessible organizations to people with disabilities. This tool will allow individuals with disabilities to share their accessibility experiences with others and allow businesses to reach individuals with disabilities that they are working hard to support. The end result is that someone with a disability will be able to assess whether they will be successful before they leave the house.

Accessible Community is a volunteer-run charity so this work is unpaid but we will happily write a letter of recommendation, work with your school for internship credit or otherwise highlight your contributions. You’ll also receive credit for your efforts in the “About” section of our website. Long-term volunteer staff positions are available and based upon expertise and willingness to contribute. All work is remote and we will provide mentorship as needed.

If you have any of the skills below and are interested in volunteering your time and talents, then please reach out to info@accessiblecommunity.org to discuss how you can get involved.

UI Design

We are looking for someone to start developing the front end for Socia11y. It should visually fit with our other tools and website, but you can have some creative license to adjust those as well. The work needs to be done in Vue with Bootstrap.

API Research

Socia11y will rely on Google Business and Maps APIs. We are looking for someone to research those APIs and create a small prototype to pull the data needed from them. We would prefer if the prototype was written in Python but value any contributions provided.


We are looking for illustrators and digital artists to help us build a collection of instructional diagrams to help people understand accessibility.

Site Reliability / Operations

We are looking for individuals with expertise in Kubernetes, WordPress, operational or database security, automated deployment, backup and data migration to assist us in growing our development and operational practices.