Alone we can do so little.
Together we can do so much.
-Helen Keller

Accessible Community

Our Goals

Empower people with disabilities to be part of the conversation about accessibility in their communities

Mature the accessibility profession by increasing communication, education and efficiency

Motivate organizations by making accessibility visible and providing a marketing advantage for being disability-friendly


Individual in a wheelchair and individual with a cane walking down a sidewalk (coming soon) – An online tool for people with disabilities to find and recommend local organizations and events where they can successfully engage and participate – An online tool for teaching and evaluating the accessibility of social media, websites, facilities, events and procedures (coming soon) – A platform for the accessibility industry, local government, communities and organizations to share information and ideas

The “a11y” in our tool names stands for accessibility (11 letters between a and y)

Weekly Tip

We send out a weekly email with information and tips to help you improve the accessibility of your websites, facilities, events, and social media. Each week for a year, we give you a quick accessibility tip that you can easily complete to better support people with disabilities.


Contributors and Supporters

Thank you to the organizations that partner with us and support our work in various ways.

Level Access