Accessibility Tip of the Week

Hire accessible.

  • Summary: Create an inclusive and accessible hiring process.
  • Who it helps: People with disabilities who want to join your organization.
  • Additional benefits: An inclusive process welcomes everyone and allows you to hire from a larger pool of qualified, talented applicants.

The hiring process starts with advertising the position and ends with helping new employees prepare for their first day of work. Your entire process must be accessible and inclusive in order to effectively hire people with disabilities. You must be disciplined; creating and maintaining an inclusive hiring process requires planning and regular review.

What can I do?

Here are some steps on how to improve your hiring and diversify your team:

  1. Review the accessibility of every stage of the hiring process. This includes the websites you advertise with, your website and application forms, your interviewing location or platform, and your contracts and hiring forms.
  2. Provide accommodations and let people know they are available early and often. Provide an easy and accessible way to request these accommodations.
  3. Review your job descriptions to make sure you are using inclusive language. Check to make sure any physical requirements are actually required for the job being advertised.
  4. Send interview questions ahead of time to allow candidates a chance to review them.
  5. Provide disability inclusion training for everyone involved in the hiring process.
  6. If interviewing in person, be proactive about physical accessibility. Make sure the location is accessible and that no one wears perfumes or colognes.
  7. Provide materials ahead of time and consider an introductory video to help new hires prepare for their first day at work.

Still unsure? These trainings from the Job Accommodation Network can help you get started.

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