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Thank you for your assistance to help our local communities become more disability-friendly.

We are Accessible Community , a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing technical solutions to help make local communities more accessible. We are currently designing locally , a website which will help connect people with disabilities to their local organizations that are supporting them. We are hoping this website will enable individuals with disabilities to:

  • Engage actively in their their communities and improve their experiences,
  • Provide insights about their interactions with their local organizations,
  • Share experiences attending venues and events in their local area.

We are looking for adults with a disability or caretakers of people with disabilities to participate in a 30-45 minute interview. Your knowledge and insight will help us to design this site and drive positive change. The interview will be completely confidential. We do not have funding to provide compensation for participating. Please complete the interest form if you are willing to help us with this project. Thank you!

Interview Form

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How would you self-describe?
If you have a disability or take care of someone with a disability, please briefly describe the disability in a way that you are comfortable with. We will not share this information.
Thank you for being willing to participate in our research. Based on the number of submissions we receive, we will email you about the next steps for an interview.