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There are so many ways to start or continue your accessibility journey!

Organizations: Improve Accessibility, Expand Audience

Another great way to get started is to make sure your website is accessible. We can help with that! Register your organization at We will conduct an evaluation and provide suggestions on how to make your site accessible to people who are blind, have limited vision or mobility, experience seizures, are Deaf, or have limited mobility. Expand your website’s audience!

Email if you would like to assess the accessibility of an organization’s facilities, events, practices, or social media.

Interns: Create a Customized Learning Opportunity

  • Who: Students and professionals who want to expand their accessibility knowledge
  • Time: At least 200 hours of work over 5 weeks to 6 months
  • Focus:
    • Personalized learning goals
    • Hands-on experience
    • Work interns can cite for future development
  • Learn More: Internship Program

Mentors: Contribute your Expertise

  • Who: Experts in accessibility
  • Time: 10-20 hours over 3-12 months
  • Focus:
    • Grow an emerging accessibility expert’s skills
    • Help a small organization become more accessible
  • Learn More: Mentoring Program

Protégés: Expand Existing Accessibility Knowledge

  • Who: Individuals trained in accessibility but still new to accessibility
  • Time: About 20 hours over 3-12 months
  • Focus:
    • Professional development
    • Hands-on experience
    • Networking
    • Help a small organization become more accessible
  • Learn More: Mentoring Program

Volunteers: Contribute, Learn, and Network

  • Who: Anyone who wants to devote time to further Accessible Community’s mission and learn through doing.
  • Time: At least 8 hours a month
  • Focus:
    • Build tools and content to help small organizations become accessible
    • Work directly with organizations to make them more accessible
  • Learn More: Volunteer Opportunities