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Disability Related Awareness Calendar

Rachael Bradley Montgomery
Rachael Bradley Montgomery
Founder & Executive Director
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January 20, 2024

We have posted the list of 2024 disability-related awareness dates on Our goal is to provide a list of the calendar dates and links to content you can use to help raise awareness within your organization and community.

Not sure how to get started?

  • Read through the list and pick a few disability related events you or your organization would like to highlight
  • Read through the linked content and search for additional information. Not all events have updated information yet this year but often a search will lead to content that you use from previous years.
  • Plan a few actions to raise awareness. Some ideas are:
    • Post on social media on that day and link to the content
    • Share information with coworkers or customers
    • Offer a discount for anyone who mentioned the event

If you have suggestions for additions or revisions to the list, please let us know at