According to the 2016 United States Census, over 4 million businesses (about 78%) have less than 10 employees. These small businesses, along with non-profits, religious congregations, and other community organizations make up a big portion of the world we live in. Yet, few smaller organizations can afford to hire accessibility expertise to evaluate and fix their web sites, facilities, and business practices. That means these organizations often fail to serve the 56.7 million Americans with disabilities. This gap discriminates against individuals with diverse abilities and undermines these organizations, who are missing out on the 200 billion dollars of discretionary spending this minority presents.

Accessible Community, is a non-profit that brings together experts, volunteers, business and organization leaders, and individuals with diverse abilities to create a more inclusive world, focusing on small-to-medium businesses, community organizations, and the surrounding communities.


Establishing and nurturing disability-inclusive communities through ethical and humane technology


Venn diagram showing intersection of people with disabilities, accessibility experts, local organizations, and community leaders.

Accessible Community establishes and nurtures disability-inclusive communities by helping:

  • small-to-medium size organizations become accessible, 
  • people with disabilities find accessible and disability support organizations, and
  • accessibility experts grow their experience and connections.