Conditions which place an individual at risk of harm

Requirements for use

Limited ability to be aloneLimited breathingRisk from triggersSeizures

Limited ability to be alone

Individuals who are unable to be successful or at risk when alone. These individuals often benefit from flexible schedules, monitoring and alert devices, a support person or service animal.

Associated conditions and disabilities

Limited breathing

Individuals who have difficulty breathing. These individuals often benefit from places to sit or rest, clean environments, shorter paths between activities and mobility aids.

Associated conditions and disabilities

Risk from triggers

Individuals who may experience painful memories or physical symptoms when reminded of abuse or a traumatic event. These individuals benefit from warnings to help them avoid violent and disturbing content and situations as well as other stressors.

Associated conditions and disabilities


Individuals with a condition that leads to seizures. These individuals often benefit from avoiding flashing content and fluorescent lights.

Associated conditions and disabilities