Small Business and Community Organization Accessibility Survey

Accessible Community believes that efforts to make our communities more accessible must include people with disabilities in the process. To start, we are collecting information from people with disabilities as well as their family members and caretakers about their experiences with small businesses and community organizations.

This is an initial survey so most of the questions are open ended and all questions are optional. Please provide as much information as you would like.  The results will help shape our recommendations and tell the story of why accessibility within the community setting is important.

We do not track any personal or identifying information beyond what you enter in the form.  If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please email

Thank you for taking the time to provide your perspective!


What accessibility features do you consider when deciding to shop at a small business or join a community organization?
What is your biggest disability-related frustration or frustrations when interacting with small businesses or community organizations?
What challenges do you encounter when attending events such as concerts, festivals, rallies, and movie nights?
Please share a story about an accessibility failure in your community.
Please share a story about an accessibility success in your community.
Accessible Community wants to help improve accessibility across all disabilities. It helps us to know which disabilities you live with or have experience assisting with so we can better understand your other answers. Please check all that apply.