There are tools available to help people with disabilities. There are tools available to help technical experts. And there are tools available to help large businesses. But there are gaps in the tools available to help small organizations that can’t afford enterprise tools or technical support personnel.

We actively work with our partners to identify those gaps and develop creative solutions to accessibility challenges within our communities:

  • Explore and document cost-effective solutions for specific small organizations;
  • Create tools that help small organizations become more accessible, and
  • Provide educational opportunities to gain and spread accessibility expertise.

Our current and upcoming projects include:

  • Accessible Escape Room – You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s fun and educational?” The Escape Room is a game that provides valuable insights about finding solutions for common barriers to accessibility. And, yes, it is fun!
  • Ta11y Assessment Tool – An easy way to assess both the physical and the digital accessibility of your organization.
  • Socia11y Accessible Recommendations – When complete, this app will allow individuals with disabilities to share their accessibility experiences with others and allow businesses to reach individuals with disabilities that they are working hard to support. 
  • Braille-to-English Mobile App – When complete, this app will translate Braille into English text, allowing someone to take a photo of braille and read the translation.

If you are interested in trying out Tally or the Escape Room, or working with us on our new projects, please reach out to We’d love to talk with you!