Accessible Community is dedicated to helping small businesses and community organizations better support people with disabilities. If you have a business or organization with fewer than 10 paid employees and would like assistance becoming more accessible, please contact us at .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is accessibility?

Accessibility refers to an individual or group’s ability to approach, reach, enter, read, communicate with, understand, interact with, or use your business, product, or content. Approximately 20% of the population has a disability. Investing in becoming accessible means that your business or organization can engage the 56.7 million Americans with a disability. This under-served group has 200 billion in discretionary spending as well as knowledge, time, and skills which are often overlooked.

How can Accessible Community help?

Accessible community will evaluate your website and facilities and provide you with a prioritized report of challenges and possible solutions. We will work with your web designer to resolve issues. We will also answer any questions you have about engaging employees or customers with disabilities.

What does it cost?

Accessible Community is a charity, with the ultimate goal of creating a more inclusive world. We request a donation of $895 to assist in creating more tools and expanding our mission nation wide.