Get Involved

Accessible Community is a volunteer-run charity that nurtures disability-inclusive communities by:

  • helping small organizations become accessible, and
  • helping people with disabilities find accessible organizations.

At the same time, Accessible Community provides emerging accessibility experts hands-on opportunities to practice accessibility skills and get feedback while helping out smaller organizations.

Inidivduals serve in one of several roles:

  • Volunteers: Individuals who work on specific tasks or projects when they have time available
  • Interns: Individuals who work with a specific learning goal and time frame; Interns may be students or professionals
  • Staff: Long-term volunteers with a title who act as a point of contact in a specific role
  • Advisory Board: Invited experts in accessibility, user experience, and universal design who advise and answer questions in their field.
  • Board of Directors: Invited leaders who shape and guide Accessible Community.

All work is remote, hours are flexible, and we will provide training as needed. Accessible community also partners with commerical tech and accessibility companies on a mentoring program for individuals who have some accessibiilty education but want to grow their professional network and expertise.

We hope you will join us on this journey.