Braille to English

How would you feel if you went to a baseball game and all the restrooms were labeled women? If you compare the braille in the photos from a local stadium, you will notice they are the same.  Many individuals who are blind have run into a situation like this and it is uncomfortable at best. 

Men's and Women's restroom signs. Both say womens

What if you were trying to help your child with homework but you couldn’t read what they were writing? 

Accessible Community is raising $25,000 to build a free  mobile application for iOS and Android, that will translate Braille into English text.  It will allow someone to take a photo and read the translation of grade 1 and grade 2 Braille, which includes shortened versions of words. 

The result will help organizations and designers verify the braille content in signs and other textual material.  It will also help sighted parents and tutors assist blind students working in braille.

Please donate to fund a braille translation moble app . Every donation is tax deductible and brings us closer to our goal of being able to create this application.