Creating Accessible Links


This quick activity demonstrates the value of using clear text and underlining links.


There are 3 Options. You will need to scroll down after finishing each.

Each option will present you with a tool you can download.

For each option:

  • Click on the “Start Option” link
  • Read the question that tells you what link you should look for
  • Select the Radio Button with the correct answer
  • Click the Submit button as quickly as you can

After you have completed all three options, compare the times it took you to find the correct link.

If you are interested in any of these tools, the links open a new window so you can explore them.

Option 1: Clear link text with no underline or contrast

Option 2: Clear, underlined link text

Option 3: Ambiguous, underlined link text

Thank you!

Thank you for completing this activity. When you compare the times, most people find that they are able to quickly identify the link they want when the link has clear, distinct text and is underlined to distinguish it from static text around it.

Accessibility Benefit: Individuals with vision impairment benefit from these distinctions and individuals who are blind need distinct text to aid navigating pages.

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