Quick Accessibility Fix 1: Remove Objects Blocking Accessible Spaces

Chairs block the entrance to a bathroom

One of the fastest and least expensive fixes to improve wheelchair accessibility in facilities is to remove objects blocking accessible pathways and entrances. Buildings, particularly newer ones, are built to be wheelchair accessible but then owners and customers place objects in the space set aside for maneuvering wheelchairs.

To fix: Walk through the accessible path from the nearest accessible parking space through your business. Take into account the accessible entrance, service counter, bathrooms, and any other key areas your customers want to use.

As you walk through, determine if anything is blocking the path, which needs to be at least 32 inches wide. Then move them. If customers often move objects such as carts into the pathway, design a process to regularly clear them out.

Common challenges include:

  • Shopping carts left in the sidewalk on the way to the door,
  • Boxes and highchairs stored to the side of the bathrooms,
  • Chairs placed in hallways or entry ways,
  • Poorly placed trashcans in bathrooms, and
  • Trash outside of the accessible entrance.
Storage boxes next to a bathroom door prevent a wheelchair user's ability to easily open the door and enter
Boxes stored in the cutout prevent a wheelchair user to open the door to the bathroom

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