Challenge: Notice Accessibility Successes in Your Community

One of the biggest challenges to creating more accessible communities is that the amount of change needed can feel daunting, but small steps can lead to a big difference as long as we keep moving forward.  At Accessible Community we focus on the positive – the successful steps forward.  I challenge you to pay attention as you go about your daily life.  Notice accessibility successes.  If you can, compliment the people responsible.  If you run an organization, volunteer, or create content for the web – think about what steps you can take to better support individuals with disabilities. 

Take a photo. Post it on social media #accessiblecommunity

What do you encounter?

Below is a list of successes I’ve noticed recently.

  • High contrast signs with raised letters, braille and clear supporting images to supplement the text
  • Playgrounds with ramps and lower play elements
  • Well captioned videos
  • Flexible event and service  arrangements such as proactive curbside help when voting or a buzzer to request service at an icecream parlor on the second floor of a historic building.
  • Sensory friendly events
  • Tactile maps to replace visual experiences

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